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Multiple Sector Approach

GMT’s multiple sector approach is aimed at businesses which are creating, delivering and monetising the digital economy

GMT’s Target Markets cover 100 plus sub-sectors, which are continually evolving and which represent a variety of business models; cyclical, counter-cyclical and cycle agnostic.  GMT opportunistically considers deals across its core industries, but is focused for its proactive deal sourcing on a broad, but defined set of sub-sectors. 

GMT proactively identifies sectors and companies through its sector analysis program, through regular sub-sector seminars with external advisors and consultants, as well as through maintaining an extensive contact database of intermediaries, managers/CEOs and industry operating executives.

GMT has a particular focus on the following sub-sectors:


•  Business-to-Business Information

•  Education & Training

•  Digital Media

•  E-Commerce

Communications Infrastructure

•  Broadband Networks (Fixed & Wireless)

•  Data Centres & Managed Services

•  Internet of Things (“IoT”) / M2M

Tech-Enabled Services

•  Data Analytics

•  Cloud / SaaS

•  Payments & Fintech

•  Advertising & Marketing

•  Healthcare IT