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GMT's Focus

In an industry attracting increasing amounts of capital, specialisation is the key to continue delivering attractive returns

GMT’s Target Markets have long been regarded as a dynamic area for investment and are amongst Europe’s largest and fastest growing. Growth is being driven by the deployment of new communications technologies, increased penetration of fixed and mobile broadband and the adoption of new access devices. These factors make GMT’s Target Markets a promising field for both entrepreneurs and investors.

GMT believes the ongoing evolution and adoption of digital technologies and platforms will drive a wealth of investment opportunities across its Target Markets.

Specifically, GMT sees significant opportunity for investment in:

  • Content: e.g. specialist information, education and training, digital media, e-commerce;
  • Communications Infrastructure: e.g. broadband networks, data centres & managed services, IoT / M2M; and 
  • Tech-Enabled Services: e.g. data analytics, cloud and software-as-a-service, payments, healthcare IT

GMT’s Target Markets demonstrate strong growth potential over the next five years.  In some cases, value creation will come from underlying organic growth potential, in others by opportunities to consolidate a fragmented market, expand geographically or extend product offering.