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Education and Training | Norway, Germany, Greece, Japan, Poland, Singapore, UK
Initial investment date: September 2012

Realisation date: June 2015

Trade: Provider of computer based training (CBT) systems for seafarers worldwide

Business description:
Seagull, founded in 1996, is the leading provider of computer based training systems for seafarers worldwide and offers a comprehensive library of training and on-board courses for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge. The company has developed a state of the art training system and comprehensive library of training modules for use on-board vessels, in offices and maritime colleges, as well as online. Seagull's customers include many leading shipping companies and the system is in use today in more than 8,000 locations, the majority of which are seagoing vessels. The training systems include performance management and assessment solutions that are managed and hosted by Seagull, which enable shipping companies to meet Standards of Training, Certifications and Watchkeeping (STCW) and International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards. The company has its headquarters in Norway, with offices in Germany, Greece, Japan, Poland, Singapore and the UK, enabling it to support a global customer base.

Latest developments:
In May 2015, GMT signed an agreement to sell Seagull to Herkules Capital. This was the third exit from GMT III, generating a 2.3x return in two and a half years.
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