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Karnov Group

Business Information | Denmark, Sweden
Initial investment date: April 2011

Realisation date:
July 2015 

Trade: Legal and Tax & Accounting Information

Business description:
Karnov Group, formerly known as Thomson Reuters Professional Scandinavia, is the leading provider of legal and tax & accounting information to businesses and professionals in Denmark and is also the largest provider of online legal professional information in Sweden. The Company’s key brands, KARNOV, PACTA and UfR, are renowned for their authority, industry expertise and innovative technology, making Karnov Group the preferred provider to key customers such as law firms, corporates, government lawyers and law students, as well as accounting firms and corporate accountants. The Company’s online-based business model, which is growing strongly and currently accounts for 60% of total revenues, also provides high operational leverage and scalability.

Latest developments: n/a
In July 2015, GMT completed the sale of Karnov Group to a private equity firm.  This was the fourth exit from GMT III.

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