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Initial investment date: July 2007

Realisation date: February 2016

Trade: Quadruple Play Communications Provider (Cable TV, Broadband, Fixed Line & Mobile Telephony)

Business description:
Melita plc is the leading quadruple-play communications provider in Malta offering television, broadband, fixed line and mobile telephony services. GMT acquired a majority shareholding from Liberty International and the Gasan Group, which reinvested a minority stake in the business. Melita was launched in 1991, upon winning the first pay TV licence awarded in Malta. It has now expanded its product offering from simple pay TV to a quadruple-play offering, servicing both residential and business customers, with the launch in February 2009 of its 3G mobile offering.

Currently, Melita has more than 60,000 subscribers on its fixed-line telephony platform, 60,000 broadband Internet subscribers, 85,000 households connected to cable TV and already has more than 60,000 mobile subscribers, just three years after the service was launched. Melita is one of the European cable industry's first fully integrated quadruple-play operators.

Melita has evolved from traditional analogue and linear cable TV and now offers a hybrid IP-DVB TV service with HD channels, PVR services as well as Video-On-Demand and other interactive services.

In June 2009, Melita also brought into operation a submarine cable linking Malta to Sicily, in order to supply international bandwidth direct to the company's customers.

Latest developments:

In February 2016, GMT completed the sale of Melita to Apax France and Fortino Capital.  This was the fifth exit from GMT III.

Company website:

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