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Business Information | Finland
Initial investment date: July 2006

Realisation date: May 2008

Trade: Credit Information Database

Business description:
Suomen Asiakastieto Oy (Asiakastieto) is the largest business and credit information company in Finland. The company was founded by a group of Finnish banks, wholesalers and retail chains in 1961 to provide information in support of credit and purchase decisions. Over the years Asiakastieto has expanded its operations and service offerings both organically and through mergers and acquisitions. Its core business remains providing information to businesses for risk management, credit, customer acquisition and relationship management decisions.

Asiakastieto, at the time of GMT's investment, enjoyed over 70% market share in the Finnish business and credit information market and provided reliable information to around 15,000 corporate customers for the support of risk and customer relationship management. Asiakastieto Chief Executive, Mikko Parjanne, was one of the key individuals responsible for the rapid growth of the Finnish business and credit information industry. Under his leadership, Asiakastieto’s 'Aarre' database became the most comprehensive business and credit information database in Finland.

In May 2008, GMT completed the sale of Asiakastieto to alternative investment firm Investcorp. The disposal was the first from GMT’s third fund, generating an IRR of approximately 70% in under two years.  An earn-out was received in October 2015, which was contingent upon the return on capital achieved by Investcorp, upon its final exit from Asiakastieto.     

Company website:

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