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Equipamientos Urbanos

Out-of-Home Media | Spain
Initial investment date: June 1995

Realisation date: February 2000

Trade: Outdoor Advertising

Business description:
Spanish outdoor advertising company Equipamientos Urbanos (EUSA) owned, at the time of GMT's investment, long-term concessions in 31 Spanish cities and regions for advertising panels on urban bus shelters. The GMT team initially invested in EUSA when the company was entering a period of strong growth and had recently recruited a highly experienced CEO. The GMT team actively worked with EUSA to support the company’s organic growth, and to selectively pursue international expansion opportunities. Shifting focus from site growth to capacity utilisation, EUSA substantially improved revenue and margin growth by upgrading its sales efforts and increasing the occupancy rate of existing sites. Following evaluations of numerous opportunities in Latin America, Africa and Asia, EUSA launched an expansion of its business in Mexico in 1998. These new overseas licences had the scale and revenue potential to significantly exceed over time EUSA’s existing business in Spain. EUSA was sold to Clear Channel in February 2000.

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