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YBR Group

Publishing (Directories) | Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands
Initial investment date: February 2003

Realisation date: July 2005

Trade: Yellow Page Directory Publishing

Business description:
The YBR Group was the result of the merger in April 2004 of three leading European directory publishing businesses and consists of De Telefoongids (with operations in the Netherlands), Fonecta (with operations in Finland and France) and Mediatel (with operations in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The merger created one of the largest directories companies in Europe with leading market positions and high market shares in each of its markets. At the time of GMT's investment, the company published nearly 300 different print editions and had a circulation of over 25 million. GMT made its original investment in YBR February 2003 through the acquisition of De Telefoongids, and subsequently sold the business to a consortium led by Macquarie Bank in July 2005, completing in December 2005.

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