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Le Marché du Travail

Publishing (Newspapers) | France
Initial investment date: February 2003

Realisation date: n/a

Trade: Recruitment Advertising Publications

Business description:
Founded in 1970, Le Marché du Travail SA was the leading independent French weekly recruitment publication, focusing on a broad base of small-to-medium sized customers, with a database that exceeds 70,000 companies.

In January 2007, GMT acquired a 15% equity stake in Objectif Emploi, a free circulation newspaper founded in 2002 by three former executives of SPIR Communication, the leading media group for publications in France. The company publishes a free classified job ad newspaper called Objectif Emploi, across four separate regions in and around Paris.

In May 2011, GMT signed an agreement with the majority shareholders to sell its 15% stake in Objectif Emploi.

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