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Business Information | Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Initial investment date: July 2004

Realisation date: February 2018

Trade: Construction Industry Information and Services

Business description:
DOCUgroup (DOCU) is a leading business-to-business provider of work-flow critical data and information to the architecture, construction and real estate industries, with headquarters in Germany, and subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. Founded in 2001, the company has been built through organic growth and a series of acquisitions. The company produces both project and product information offerings, and has developed sophisticated, interactive and increasingly integrated online platforms and workflow tools, which connect key decision-making target groups within the European construction industry. More than 100,000 companies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland use DOCU's unique resources and applications to function more productively, optimise their business decisions and maximise their sales. DOCU has assembled a management team with extensive experience in this sector.

Latest developments:
In February 2018, GMT II completed the sale of DOCU to InfoPro Digital.  

Company website:

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