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Telecoms (Internet) | UK
Initial investment date: February 2001

Realisation date: June 2011

Trade: Global Peer-to-Peer Internet Provider

Business description:
Established in August 2000, XchangePoint Europe, was Europe's first neutral commercial provider of Internet peering and interconnect services. XchangePoint Europe identified a gap in the market for integrated, metro area, Internet peering/interconnect services. Peering points are the major traffic intersections on the Internet where ISP backbone providers, content providers and large Internet users exchange data. XchangePoint Europe's strategy was to create a pan-European set of peering points/interconnect platforms providing a range of consistent, resilient, scaleable and cost-effective products.

GMT's initial investment was made in February 2001 with a follow-on investment completed in July 2003. In June 2003, the management team that GMT previously succesfully backed in Internet Network Services took over as full time CEO, CFO and Head of Marketing/Product Development.

In January 2005, XchangePoint Europe was sold in exchange for shares to trade player PacketExchange Limited. 

In June 2011, PacketExchange was sold to Global Telecom and Technology.

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