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Internet Network Services

Telecoms (Internet) | UK
Initial investment date: August 1997

Realisation date: July 1999

Trade: Internet Access Solutions

Business description:
During GMT's involvement with Internet Network Services (INS), it was one of the UK’s and Europe’s leading Internet connectivity providers to companies, schools and government institutions. It was the GMT team’s first investment in a pure Internet business. INS had a highly differentiated business strategy built around delivering high bandwidth and very high availability to a blue chip client list. The capital infusion in August 1997 helped INS expand organically in the UK, increasing its monthly customer order rate sevenfold in the first year. The GMT team was actively involved with management during what was an intense growth period, and also assisted INS in making an acquisition which boosted growth at the European level, giving INS an immediate presence in eight Continental markets. INS was sold to Cable & Wireless plc in July 1999.

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