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Initial investment date: June 2001

Realisation date: August 2010

Trade: Triple-Play Communications Provider (Cable TV, Broadband and Fixed Line Telephony)

Business description:
PEPcom GmbH is a cable television consolidation vehicle, created to acquire and aggregate established small-to-medium sized operators in Germany. GMT founded PEPcom in June 2001 in a partnership with a 25-year cable television veteran with a strong record of operational and financial success, who is also Executive Vice Chairman of the FRK (the German cable TV operators association). PEPcom brings a unique management approach to the existing owners of the valuable cable franchises, and is well placed to take advantage of market developments linked to the introduction of the new services, German tax reforms and restructuring by larger incumbent operators. PEPcom, now the sixth-largest cable TV operator in Germany, has now completed 12 acquisitions since inception and has over 630,000 subscribers.

Latest developments:
In addition to providing analogue cable television, digital pay TV and Internet services, PEPcom continues to grow its VoIP telephony product roll-out.

Company website:

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