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Initial investment date: October 2007

Realisation date: n/a

Trade: Outdoor Advertising

Business description:
Primesight Limited is the fourth-largest owner and operator of outdoor advertising panels in the UK. Its products include both Classic and a rapidly growing portfolio of Digital poster sites. The company‚Äôs 20,000 sites are distributed throughout the UK and include Roadside, Cinema and Glasgow subway environments. In 2015, Primesight initiated a national roll-out of Roadside Digital Billboards achieving their target of 50 by the year-end. The company will be continuing to grow this portfolio during 2016. 

Latest developments:
Refinancing facilitates further expansion of Primesight's digital network 

During 2015, Primesight continued to develop its digital network, which now comprises more than 50 digital panels across 14 cities in the UK. A further 40 digital billboard panels are expected to be built in 2016, in combination with a refinancing, to create the leading fully integrated roadside nationwide digital billboard estate in the UK.

Company Website:

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